In the beginning

I stepped outside last night  in the darkness to check my mail box. I noticed that my husband had not brought in the mail.  I discovered very quickly there was no mail, but something even better than mail.  I was standing on my side walk and looking straight ahead a great big full moon was greeting me .  I don’t know about you, but I am  constantly looking for the man in the moon.  I could almost see him last night, I strained my eyes to see his outline.   But what I saw was not a face, but another ball that gives us light by night.   I was reminded that I was standing on a ball aka planet and looking back at another ball that we call the moon.   In about 9 hours the sun will come up to give us light.  Without the sun plants would not grow and life would eventually cease to exist.   We get light from the moon that is actually coming from the reflection of the sun.  Of course everyone knows this , but do we really stop and think.   This has been going on for 13.8 billion years or more.   The sheer knowledge of this , forget DNA that’s amazing I find it mind boggling that people do not believe in God. How could one not.  It is very clear there is a great designer .   I am one that believes in the Big Bang . The Big Bang happened when God spoke the universe into being.   

It’s hard to fathom that there is a God for some people,but harder still to say there is not.   This world just did not happen.  It is not possible . Does a beautiful painting create itself ?   Someone had to put it on canvass. So I say to the atheist think what you will. It’s okay with me. But I say to the atheist look around you. Can nothing create the universe ,can nothing create the intricacies of our bodies. Have you ever studied how we see with our eyes ,think again. And if you don’t get it, go outside and look at the moon and think again.

  His name rides on the wind ,is on every blade of grass . It’s written in the blue of the sky , in the white of the clouds …..In the depths of the Rivers, Ocean and Seas.  His name is carved on every mountain top……..take a boat ride into the mist of Niagara Falls and you will see His face and behold His majesty. So I say think, and think again. 

Published by J Preston

Inspirational Speaker........writer.....traveler......foodie..... Lover of KDrama/ KPop Lover of God. Lover of people Lover of life ❤️With God all things are possible !!!! Instagram JanP

One thought on “In the beginning

  1. Hey Jan, I was listening to a radio show last night, and the host was interviewing one of the researchers at SETI. Also, we just watched Young Sheldon, and they did a whole thing on whether zero actually exists. Try and prove it! So your post is one more variation on the same theme that I’m encountering over the last several days. This was a fun read! Mona


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