Weather Alert

Weather alert……….ice and snow in Albuquerque .

  I had finished the week and was headed home to Dallas . I rolled my suitcase into the busy airport. Oblivious to the fact that people seem to be everywhere. I just thought it was a busy airport with business people all ready to fly home.  Happy to see there was no line. I immediately placed my suitcase on to the scale at the check in.   The representative behind the counter said “ ma’am this airport is closed” “ what ?”

What do you mean closed ? “  “ I mean closed there are no planes leaving this airport tonight . The runways are iced over. No planes coming in or leaving. 

I was given a voucher to a budget hotel. Please …….I said no thank you.   I immediately went to the pay phone and called the hotel I had just checked out of. Being the experienced travel that I had become I knew exactly what to do.  I had seen more people sleeping in airports in my life. I swore it would never happen to me.   After retrieving my wonderful hotel  room with the huge floor to ceiling window.  I preceded to try calling my nephew Kevin who lived there.  Out side it had turned to Ice and deep snow.   The drive in front of the airport was solid ice.  And the sleet kept coming down in torrents of ice.  Kevin never answered his phone. The hotel had a complimentary shuttle that would pick me up.  There were no rental cars available , no taxis were running.  Some lucky person probably jumped in the taxi that brought me to the airport. It must have been the last taxi out for the day. 

There was no transportation of any kind running.  The ice and snow was that bad. The city of Albuquerque had shut down.  The hotel had assured me that a big hotel shuttle would pick me up soon.  The sun was setting, outside it was growing dark and the snow and ice kept falling.  The shuttle never came. I went back inside and called the hotel “ where is the shuttle”. She told me one had already been back from the airport , they were sending another. So I waited . I was told i needed to be outside to catch it.  “Outside its freezing “ I lamented.  So I walked outside in the freezing cold. I was fortunate that i had worn a long wool coat with a big collar. However i had beautiful new black leather heels from Saks Fifth Ave that i had just newly purchased.  When I should have had on ski boots .  I stood outside in front of the airport under the roof .  I stood frozen as i watched another hotel shuttle leave without me.  I went back in and called the hotel again . The woman assured me another would come.  So i go out again freezing.   As i am standing there on the sidewalk. A gentleman pulls up in a nice looking Jeep dressed i would say Santa Fe style and rolls down his window and ask me if I knew if some flight had come in.  I said I didn’t know . I told him I would go in and ask, as he could not park and leave his Jeep.  He was there to pick up friends.  I came back and told him no.  All flight had been cancelled flying in and out.  We exchanged pleasantries and then he offered to take me to my hotel.  I immediately said “no thank you . I have a ride coming. “. He waited a few more minutes and ask again if he could take me to my hotel. He said it’s freezing and he hated to see me waiting and he could just take me straight to my hotel.  He felt bad leaving me.  It was so cold.  I’m sure i looked pitiful at this point.  I thought briefly that maybe God had sent me an angel, but something inside me said no, Never get in the car with a perfect stranger. I thanked him again for his kindness and assured him i had a ride coming.   He finally left.  I so wanted to slide into the warmth of his car, but something inside of me said no Jan don’t do it . I was so……..tempted. 

Ok let me just say I watched frozen as another shuttle passed me up.  I was ready to cry . I went back in called the hotel again.  She told me i needed to get out into the drive, so the driver could see me.  Mercy there were people everywhere.  The shuttle had been picking people up at the far in of the airport that i was not able to get to.     The drive was covered in slick ice.  “Me walk across the drive in these heels . You got to be kidding.”   I was starting to cry . With tears streaming down my cheeks I walked out into the darkness and stood as far out as i could go . Out from under the roof . My feet were frozen and my new heels were wet from the snow and ice.  I kept looking for that illusive shuttle that never came.  I finally looked up into the dark sky. With heavy snow and ice gently falling on my face.  i cried out to my heavenly Father. With a whispered voice laced with tears I said” Father I’m one of your children and I need you help.  I’m your daughter and I am freezing . Please help me. I want to go back to my hotel and I keep missing the shuttle and I don’t know what to do. 

I dont know how many minutes passed but all of a sudden one of those big parking shuttles pulled up right next to me.. The driver swung open the door and said “ Ma’am would you like to come in an sit.  It’s warm in here.  I said “thank you but I have to catch a shuttle and I keep missing it.  And I don’t know what to do.   He said Ma’am you come sit in here where it’s warm and I’ll get your luggage and stop that shuttle for you.  I couldn’t believe the kindness that man showed to me.  There were people all over the place.  He ask me to sit in the shuttle. I wont ever forget the warmth of that shuttle. And that precious man . He jumped out of the van and flagged the hotel transport down and put my luggage on.   There was one seat left on that hotel shuttle and as i boarded the driver ask me if i had a reservation at the hotel and i said exuberantly Yes I do. 

Finally arriving at the hotel that i had just checked out of hours ago. Checkin was easy as they had all my information and credit card. I went back to my old room that i had enjoyed and called my nephew. He didn’t live far from the hotel.  I honestly don’t remember how he made it to my hotel but I invited him up to visit.  He came to my room and we had a big pot of hot coffee and a pot of it tea delivered to the room .  We sat at my desk, Kevin on one side and I on the other and visited for 2 hrs at least we talked and gazed out the floor to ceiling window on the snow covered city.  We went down stairs later and had a lovely dinner.It was so much fun for me to have my favorite nephew Kevin all to myself for the evening.  Kevin was a sweetheart.  I had an expense account so I treated Kevin to the whole evening .  I even tipped a large bill to a hotel clerk to take Kevin back home that night in the big hotel shuttle van.   I will never forget that weekend . 

I was richly blessed to have had that time with Kevin. I loved him dearly . Kevin passed away a few years ago. He was in his 50’s and to this day I do not understand why God took him so young.   But I do know that God gave me that special time with Kevin.  He sent an angel in a parking shuttle, to help me.   As I write this now the question dawned on me.  Why was that parking shuttle there? He had just pulled up.  There was no one looking for a parking shuttle.  No one was driving anywhere and why did the driver ask me to sit in the van?  There were people standing around everywhere freezing.  I really do believe God sent me an angel. 

I told my brother this story and I said “ you know …..what if the guy in the Santa fe hat in the Jeep was an angel that God had sent. He looked like a nice man.  My brother looked at me as he shook his head  and all he could say was NO Jan. NO …………

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One thought on “Weather Alert

  1. Wow, that’s quite a story. I’m glad you made it safe and sound. I’m glad you got to spend a nice evening with Kevin as well! What happened to your Saks Fifth Avenue shoes? Were they completely ruined? Were you able to get on a flight the next day? I assume yes to both of my questions, but would love to hear…the rest of the story. Mona


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