Like vultures flying over a dead animal and swooping in for the prize; so it appears at some estate sales. Dealers open the doors to what once was a private residence and set up shop. Price tags are placed on all. Strangers tramp through all someone’s belongings. Accruements that represented some ones life. That special chair that they used to sit in , they called it their own. The bed they slept in , dreamed in , woke up in to face another day . Memories of times spent at the dining table. The table and chairs are for sale now . Going to someone else . The dishes they ate off. The glasses they clinked . Everything they ever collected , sold to the highest bidder. Clothes are gone through, shoes as well. Favorite books , boxes of old photos. Is anything sacred? Lamps and mirrors, toasters, mixers, microwaves and flat screens, that special souvenir from Europe; all the things someone loved ………….going ,going , gone!

Look around you……….everything you own right now , the car you drive and the house you live in , one day someone else will own. You have it all on loan. For you are on a journey ……………….and you are just passing through.


Published by J Preston

Inspirational Speaker........writer.....traveler......foodie..... Lover of KDrama/ KPop Lover of God. Lover of people Lover of life ❤️With God all things are possible !!!! Instagram JanP

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