Harry and Frannie

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

My name is Harry Cho. I’m what you might call a fat cat, living in luxury, high in the sky, Apt 19E. I have a doorman in a black suit; he opens the door for me when I pass by. I really don’t go out much, I am afraid I might get lost. You see I live in Down Town Philadelphia. Busy streets, lots of taxicabs. So I stay high in the clouds and stare out the window a lot. We are so high up I rarely see a bird. But when I do it is extremely exciting . I use to live in NYC, upper westside. Man I loved it there. We had two bedrooms and a huge living room. I had my own room. I could sit and watch pigeons all day. There were so many I use to dream about those birds. I had a fire escape off the front window and Mom would let me sit out there on occasion . I loved it, feel the wind in my hair Meow…………. . And oh boy sometimes a little bird would land near my window. What a thrill . I wanted to catch that bird so bad, I would ache. Yeow!

Mom married this guy named Richard. When I first met him I wasn’t so sure about him. I gave him the evil eye at first, you know what I mean. I sat and stared him down with squinty eyes. I let him know I would be watching him. I feel bad about that now, the way I treated him, cause you know what? He turned out to be an awesome Dad. We love him like crazy. We all moved to Philadelphia after the big wedding. Here we are, oh did I not mention Frannie. I live with my sister Frannie. We were both adopted by our Mom. She found us at the animal shelter New York City. It was love at first sight. We love her so much. She feeds us the best food and takes us to the Dr. when we get sick. She plays classical music for us. Gives us big hugs and kisses all day. Life as been so wonderful with her and then she met Richard. We were a little scared, she might get rid of us. It was apparent Richard was moving in. It was stressful the first few months after moving to Philadelphia, but we have come to love our new home. We do miss those pigeons. Yeow Meow

Life has been really good for us, however the strangest thing happened just two months ago. Our Mom and Dad left one day and then the Grandparents came to stay. Mom and Dad had left for good. Meow I wondered what had we done wrong? Why did they leave us? They have always traveled on vacations, but never gone for more than a week . This was different, they never came back . A month went by and we began to adjust to our grandparents. We were fed alot. I am sure I gained weight. It was hard for us at night. I always slept with Mom and Dad, but that grandfather took up the whole bed so there was no sleeping with him. So I let them know my displeasure by howling as loud as I could every night. Frannie helped me one night, we decided to move the furniture and reorganize the living room . We just couldn’t sleep so why should they. meow meow We drove the grandparents looney. I have to laugh, Frannie and I were really a pain sometimes to them.

There was a bright spot in all of this. .No one ever stayed up late with Frannie and I, but this Grandmother loved to watch late movies. So every night I would curl up on one side of her and Frannie and the other side. We would watch movies till all hours of the night. Grandmother would massage us, brush our hair, oh it felt so good. We loved it. At night it was just us . We had never been given so much attention in the midnight hours. Those late night hours were pure fun.

Six weeks went by and out of the blue the front door opens and there they were. Mom and Dad. the traitors, the people that had left us. There they were. I didn’t know what to think. Where had they been ? I just sat and stared at them . I gave them that squinty eye. I let them know I was not pleased. I know Frannie felt the same way.

Deep down inside I was glad to see them. I didn’t let them know. They had abandoned us, who did they think they were? How dare they! Not our loving Mom and Dad. Then I noticed something moving. Mom was holding a bundle and it was moving!! Another pet! How could they! I heard it cry . Meow what in the world? It looks like a small, actually tiny human. Meow meow they brought a baby home! Heavens to betsey, what are we suppose to do with a baby. Yeowwww.

Well let me just tell you. Things have changed in my life and Fran’s. We have watched our Mom and Dad fawn all over that baby. Oh did I mention they had the gall to introduce him to us as our new brother. Can you believe it? I confess I have been so jealous of that baby . His name is Preston and he is my brother. It may interest you to know Frannie and I have had to adjust. Adapting to this change we have come to the conclusion that change is not so bad. We have discovered,even though we felt a little left out at times, a new friend . Preston has become someone new to love and to love us. WE look forward to snuggling with him and all the joys of having a new brother. Brothers and sister should look out for one another you know .

Frannie and I have learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes change upsets ones life, but God means it for good. Just like rejection, everyone is hurt by rejection. We have discovered that rejections is God’s protection. Frannie and I were rejected by our past owners and we ended up in a homeless shelter. Our wonderful Mom would never have found us if we had not had the rejection and change in our lives. Now because of all that has happened, we have a Mom and Dad and a new brother. We are a purr..fectly happy family of 5.


Published by J Preston

Inspirational Speaker........writer.....traveler......foodie..... Lover of KDrama/ KPop Lover of God. Lover of people Lover of life ❤️With God all things are possible !!!! Instagram JanP

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